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  • Starting at $145,000
  • Depsoit to reserve yours is applied to balance
  • Two room cryotherapy system with Anti-Room
  • Modular design allows for upgrade to Summit at later date
  • Single chamber with 9.2' x 3' footprint
  • 1-2 clients per session
  • True cryo temps of -166F
  • Fully electric with no nitrogen or need to refill anything
  • Heated windows to maintain clarity
  • Adjustable wind speeds for increased comfort and results
  • Interactive app puts control of system in your hands
  • Low operating costs of ~$10/day*
  • Eligible for CryoBuilt PROTECT program


  • Note: To complete your order of a PINNACLE Cryotherapy System, we require a refundable deposit at the time of your submission (the “initial deposit”). This initial deposit will be applied to the balance of the Final Sales Agreement

To complete your preorder of a PINNACLE, PEAK, or SUMMIT Cryotherapy System (production is estimated to begin in the second half of 2020), we require a refundable deposit at the time of your submission (the “preorder fee”). This preorder fee will be applied to the balance owed on the Final Sales Agreement between us.

You may cancel your preorder at any time by contacting us at and expressing your decision to withdraw. We will process your decision and promptly refund you the full deposit amount via the method of initial payment.

For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions link on the bottom of this page.

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