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- Whole Body Cryotherapy is a new, exciting, and easy way for people to reach their recovery, health, and wellness goals. There is an increasing demand for retail cryo services which presents an interesting and fun investment opportunity for profits and return on investment.

- With Electric Cryotherapy, there are no significant fixed costs per session to consider, allowing 100% profit margin on every session ran in your cryo chamber! Electric costs to run the chamber are about *$10-20/10 hour day (will vary by local utility).

-Calculations to the right, include $20/day to account for this minimal cost. Fill out the ROI calculator to see how quickly you could be making money with CRYO!

Send us your results and we will help you select the right cryo system for you!

Reasons to Invest in Cryo NOW!

  • Potential for fast ROI

  • Exponential growth opportunities

  • Quickly increasing demand for health & wellness services

  • Future FDA approval for Cryotherapy could increase validity of cryo for recovery and more

  • $0 fixed cost per session compared to $5-$10/session in nitrogen cryosaunas

  • Added high end service with ability to upsell & retain customers, keeping them coming back

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